Sunlight over me

Sunlight over me

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Love. People. Music. Coffee. Backpacking. Cities. Cold mountain lakes. Christian Science. Sunsets. Trees.
Sleeping in. Waking up early. Movies. Oceans. Mountains. Seattle. Northwest. Life. 20, and sort of a hippie. That's me, Harmony.

“There were over 3 million jobs in 2008 that were sitting there, and nobody was really talking about them because they weren’t aspirational. So long-story-shot, I figured lack of appreciation for skilled labor ultimately manifested itself in a kind of disconnect that led us to push kids in one direction, ignore another direction, and that ultimately created a whole lot of jobs that nobody was too enthused about.”

- Mike Rowe on Manual Labor


First Aid Kit | Emmylou

stockholm’s cold but i’ve been told
i was born to endure this kind of weather